Digital Twins Are on the Rise. Are You Ready?

According to a Gartner survey, almost 21 percent of CIOs have sanctioned digital twins for their organizations. Instead of having a system and website downtime, you can solve your issues through your cloned ecosystem before deployment. Your customers and stakeholders will hardly face glitches. In this article at RT Insights, Joe McKendrick shares how IT leaders are warming up to digital twins.

Using Digital Twins

38 percent of business leaders are thinking of implementing digital twins in phases spanning one to three years. Whichever way you choose to deploy, make sure that systems are integrated across the organization. These are industries that can leverage digital twins:

Numerous sensors are sending several terabytes of data every second from automobiles and aircraft. The digital twins would utilize machine learning and predictive models to warn pilots of fuel consumption and send maintenance data in real-time.Field technicians can collect data and create digital models in the energy sector before drilling operations for critical projects.The healthcare sector would have thousands of digital twins for diagnosis, training, and practice purposes.Singapore has already started using digital twins for planning, maintenance, and disaster planning of its cities.

Prepare for the Challenges

You cannot leverage digital twins without planning and analysis. So, prepare for the following challenges when executing the concept:

AI and ML are the backbones of digital twins, and if you have corrupted or obsolete data, the model would not be accurate enough to work correctly.“It’s not always possible to perfectly instrument the process,” Deloitte’s Adam Mussomeli observes. So, you must have workarounds.Though sensor prices are dipping, you cannot use too many because you must also balance the profit and loss statement.

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