Discover New Ways to Retain IT Talent from Top CIOs

Low employee retention at IT companies is no secret. Even top industry players find it challenging to retain their skilled workforce for long. Meanwhile, organizations are vying for top industry talent. Some offer extraordinary perks to entice them. Nonetheless, talented individuals are hard to keep happy for long. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder shares great ideas from award-winning CIOs to help you retain top IT talent. People cannot stay at one organization forever. However, if you treat them right, they can promote your brand even after leaving it.

Post-COVID Preparation

IT industry experts have projected the possibility of staff shortage once the pandemic is over. The growing rage of the “work from anywhere” culture has made it even more difficult to persuade skilled employees to drop comfort over incentives.

Up Your Game

It is the duty of IT and business leaders to reduce employee attrition rates. Offer great opportunities to help them forestall the idea of looking for a job change. The following recommendations of award-winning CIOs may ensure that your employees stick around:

United Airlines Technology EVP and CDO Linda Jojo believes in adopting a culture of inclusion. Celebrate the idea of connecting on a personal level and maintaining transparency. To survive the fierce market competition, hire and retain skilled individuals from all cultures.For JLL Digital CIO Edward Wagoner, there is no one-size-fits-all option for people management. So, have faith in your employees and let them be themselves at work. Form a work culture where employees can honestly communicate. Identify their unique skills and encourage them to share innovative ideas for business growth. It will become a compelling reason for them to stay.Bobbie Byrne, CIO, Advocate Aurora Health, endorses the idea of identifying motivational factors. Salary, work culture, flexibility, and career growth are four critical elements that encourage employees to stay in a company. However, it is not easy to offer it all together. So, understand each individual’s priority that may have changed during the coronavirus crisis. Monitor your team members’ healthcare requirements to facilitate possible compensation in terms of leaves and bonuses. Such gestures make employees loyal to your team and company.Redwood Logistics CIO Nicole White explains how her company follows the practice of employee appreciation for 20 years. It helped them stay connected to the workforce even while working from distributed locations. Initiating activities like virtual team-building exercises, employee training, and regular meetings also ensure frequent employee interaction.Madhu Reddy, SVP and CIO of Republic Bank of Chicago, suggests fast employee retention strategies. Seize the present opportunity of hiring talented individuals from all across the globe. Just by offering significant initiatives to the employees, her company managed to sustain employee engagement. Furthermore, the company offers flexibility, career advancement, and improved communication tools to its remote workforce.

CIOs strive to offer job security, stable income, and rewards, along with the flexibility to work from anywhere to retain top IT talent. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2021/7/it-talent-retention-strategies

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