Do You Need Servant Leaders to Manage Projects?

You have come across managers that would take all the credits. Unlike them, servant leaders always prioritize their team. It does not matter if they do not earn fame. Instead of silencing team voices, they want to enable all stakeholders as much as possible. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Susanne Madsen shares why you need servant leaders in your organization to manage projects.

Need for Servant Leaders

Today’s workplaces have millennials that do not want to be ordered around. They want to know the logic behind every decision their project managers make. Now the leader alone cannot control the entire decision-making process. There is too much at stake when you consider the volatility across all industries. You need cross-functional brainstorming to make an informed plan of action. Servant leaders do just that. They enable an environment where all can brainstorm for better results.

Key Skills

Servant leaders have a high IQ but an even higher EQ, i.e., emotional intelligence. They are also proactive listeners and have great mentorship abilities. Instead of holding on to their own decisions, they consider the opinions of others. These capabilities help them build a motivated team with psychological safety to develop required skills on the job. Servant leaders utilize the supportive ‘yin’ for this.

When the need arises, they can also challenge the team and get results with their ‘yang’ factor. You cannot let things slide if team members fail to complete deliverables on time. When you have a high-performing team, you must always throw challenges at the members to help develop better skills. They do that because they want the team to deliver the best.

Servant leaders balance the yin and yang factors perfectly enough to deliver the perfect solution. They help the team scale to keep up with the diverse demands customers and clients come up with.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/is-servant-leadership-relevant-to-project-leaders-today/

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