Do You Possess These 2021 Leadership Skills?

Your 2021 leadership skills should be different than the previous year’s. Volatility is the new normal across all industries. How can you lead with a mindset that was habituated with the bygone era managing style? In this article at Business 2 Community, Janet Fouts shares 2021 leadership skills that you must possess to thrive.

Thriving with 2021 Leadership Skills

Time to Grow

Are you learning something every day? If not, then start doing so. 2021 leadership skills prioritize continuous learning to withstand the fluid nature of market demands.

Emotion Management

Can you control how you interact and react in front of team members, sponsors, and customers? You also need to understand the ‘no’ behind their ‘yes’ by closely observing and listening to them.


Having self-control is one of the essential 2021 leadership skills to imbibe. You will get harsh news and good news almost in equal amounts every day. You must learn how to equalize your actions so that the team members can learn from you.


Managing a team also means you must have a good rapport with all the members. Be it a fresh hire or a top executive, learn to network well with everyone. These relationships are necessary to get work completed faster.

Paying Heed

Are you listening to what your team members are saying? You must genuinely pay attention to their opinion to have solutions for their trouble or praises for their innovative ideas.


Engage your crew by showing your empathetic side. When teammates feel emotionally safe and have a sense of belonging, they will improve their performance for the benefit of the team.


Learn to quickly adapt to things. For instance, learn a new technology or find ways to better break disappointing news to the team. One of the 2021 leadership skills is to adapt to any situation and become a role model for others.

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