Global Remote Work Speeds Up Digitization Efforts

In 2021, 51 percent of knowledge workers, i.e., authors, auditors, and developers, worked from home, per Gartner. It will increase to 32 percent across all global skills by 2021 year-end. Due to this, companies are moving forward with their digital transformation plan by at least five years. In this article at IT Brief, Catherine Knowles shares how the global remote work is fast-forwarding digitization.

Remote Work and Digitization

Ranjit Atwal, Gartner’s senior research director, remarked, “A hybrid workforce is the future of the work.” The pandemic has forced companies to revisit digitization plans. They are also considering remote work as a long-term solution along with the adoption of emerging technologies. Furthermore, hyperautomation, AI, ML, RPA, and cloud services can enable distributed workers to get more flexibility in choosing jobs.

Resultant Tech Growth

This surge in the remote work model will influence the tech equipment sector as well. Not only will PC and tablet makers make history in 2021 by dispatching nearly 500 million pieces, but public cloud services will also see a 23.1-percent growth. It will happen due to the rising demands from both business clients and individual customers. Organizations had to fast-track SaaS platform implementation for remote work to keep the business lights on. So, SaaS applications will further increase the flexibility to work from anywhere for remote work.

Social and collaboration platforms will see an increase of up to 17.1 percent in market demand this year. Most remote workers have to rely on their local network to access the company database. So, organizations would lean more on zero-trust models than VPN services for security. 40 percent of networks will have zero trust network access (ZTNA) by 2024. However, most companies will retain their VPN options for future use.

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