How Automation Can Help Achieve 2021 ITSM Goals

More than 1,000 IT working professionals were surveyed for the SysAid 2021 State of Service Management Survey and Report. The respondents had four distinct areas of focus as their 2021 ITSM goals. Interestingly, automation could address all those requirements. In his blog article, Joe shares how automation can help achieve your 2021 ITSM goals.

Automation and 2021 ITSM Goals

So, what were the most important areas to achieve as 2021 ITSM goals for the respondents? 56 percent wanted to improve team efficiency using automation. 51 percent aimed to increase end-user experience, while 45 percent needed to concentrate on self-service. 31 percent were interested in getting better transparency and assessment capabilities in terms of execution, development, and results. These 2021 ITSM goals are interconnected. For instance, you can have better EX and CX activities when you leverage automation the right way. So, here are the automation features to achieve your 2021 ITSM goals:


Let the machines do repetitive tasks and help the employees concentrate on something more meaningful.You do not have to hire more staff to get a boost in operations.The systems can work flawlessly and around the clock.Since you need fewer human resources, cost reduction is a significant benefit.Faster services help end-users receive a better response experience.You can achieve self-service goals with automation in place.Since you have documented proofs of your activities, reports are much more streamlined for audits.Unless you have set wrong algorithms, you will reach your 2021 ITSM goals without any glitches.

How to Do It

Align automation efforts with any of the corporate values. It can be about GRC requirements or business cost reduction.Straighten up your self-service portals before you start automating them. If the platforms are not user-friendly, automation will not attract end-users.Do not make it an isolated initiative. Automation must fit well with your current IT infrastructure to work smoothly and help with 2021 ITSM goals.Do not stop at automating manual tasks. Stretch your imagination to discover new use cases.

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