How Automation Is Ruling Multiple Industries

Damien Martin says in this article at the Boss Magazine, ‘2021 is shaping up to be a year of technological innovation.’ After the global halt in businesses, organizations have discovered the areas where they lacked performance. They are eager to recover these blind spots with automation. Find out how automation is dominating multiple industries today.

Automation Across Industries


The worldwide automation market has earned $214 billion in 2021. Industries that originally deflected the technology have since adopted it at their first opportunity. The e-commerce sector is booming. With acute shortages of skilled workers in warehouses and logistics companies, automation is the only solution. Not only that, autonomous cars were deployed to deliver customer orders to their doorstep.


Medical staff and healthcare workers were working around the clock to take care of the relentless waves of ill patients. So, it is one of the industries that underwent massive digital disruption. For instance, automated medical equipment can monitor and regulate patient conditions without much human intervention. Hospitals and medical institutions are looking forward to investing more in technology to lift the mounting pressure on doctors and caregivers.


Self-driving vehicle companies are now getting investors’ attention. Though it will take time for people to own self-driving cars, public transport systems are definitely going to become automated. A train recently completed its 48-hour journey without any human behind its controls, thanks to automation.


Analysts predict the retail automation marketplace will grow up to $18.99 billion by 2023. Initially, there was not much interest. However, today e-commerce companies are leveraging virtual assistants to provide around-the-clock services to customers.


The sector is no longer heavily relying on human resources to cater to its patrons. Automated robots can perform room service, while automatic check-ins can help guests enjoy a hassle-free hotel stay.

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