How Can CIOs Provide Resilient Framework?

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the IT capabilities of every organization. On the other hand, enterprises look to their CIOs to provide a resilient approach and lead them through uncertainty. Measures that CIOs take will undoubtedly have a ripple effect throughout the organization. So, how can CIOs provide a resilient framework for their organization to help them sail through crises? In this article at CPO Magazine, Robert Newell explains three critical ways that enable CIOs better position their business to respond, recover from future shocks, and innovate fast.

A CIO’s Responsibilities

A resilient CIO must:

Stabilize IT operations and core businessHandle the influx of people working remotely, increased online workloads, and incoming cyber threatsEnsure that the baseline infrastructure consistently operatesEnable the organization to deliver the value proposition to its customers and other stakeholders

Tips to Provide Resilient Framework

IT Security and Business Alignment

As a CIO, be prepared for new, critical, and unexpected demands for IT services from your organization and clients.. Reevaluate priorities as you allocate people and resources to face these new challenges. Resilient leadership is not only meant to survive a crisis but also to thrive.

Data-Driven Architecture

Data is helping CIOs create new revenue streams, identify new opportunities to understand customers and find unique ways to deal with suppliers. In many organizations, it is not data that is holding enterprises back. Instead, it is the faulty data handling systems that stunt a company’s growth. “CIOs must ask what technical capabilities and functions are needed to make their data systems succeed; how these changes will fit and integrate with the organization’s existing technological landscape,” says Newell. Additionally, CIOs must consider how to build the required in-house skills and reduce risks of change implementation.

Flexible Licensing Arrangements

As a CIO, create a flexible yet creative deal structure that fits within your budget framework. With scalable and flexible licensing models, you can better position your organization to reduce the total cost of ownership and guarantee continuous innovation.

To read the original article, click on https://www.cpomagazine.com/cyber-security/3-ways-cios-can-embed-resilience-in-their-business/.

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