How Futuristic Leaders Can Prepare for Tomorrow

Recent research discovered that emerging technologies would enable progressive workplace transformation despite employee skills. Futuristic leaders are also preparing to scale staff across functions to utilize new platforms. They are analyzing how they can best use these new tech capabilities for their organization’s success. In this article at Ethical Boardroom, Jason Schloetzer shares how futuristic leaders can prepare for tomorrow.

Becoming Futuristic Leaders

While board members are calculating the number of projects needed to keep the lights on, they are also assessing how many initiatives they can budget in. But they also understand that things have to change in the executive level for employee-centric workplaces. They must understand how technology can affect a staff’s work-life balance.

However, board members face immense pressure to reach monthly targets, so they tend to overlook the issues that negate employee well-being in the long run. According to World Economic Forum, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will rapidly transform workplaces. So, futuristic leaders must help employees pace with the newer tech developments.

How to Prepare

For employees to provide expected productivity, futuristic leaders must find the delicate balance of their support and technology implementation. You should ensure not to leave behind a large section of your staff because that would affect the economy at the micro-level. Here are what leaders of tomorrow can do:

While technology can handle repetitive tasks, it is also taking away your employees’ existing roles. They feel like they are working on leftover jobs that technologies are not yet equipped to perform. Rectify this by helping staff members understand that machines work for them and not the other way round.Technology usage drivers should not be limited to cost reduction or profits. Look beyond so that you have sustainable growth based on employee well-being.Do not depend heavily on machines. Upskill your current employees instead of hiring expensive specialists to take care of emerging technologies.

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