How the Pandemic Changed PM Training Processes

Organizational PM training processes have undergone several changes over the years, but those were not enough to manage an overnight organizational shift to a remote work model. Projects had to be postponed and sometimes entirely withdrawn. These shifts in project management also encouraged trainers to change the PM training processes. In this article at ProjectManager.com, Oli Kang shares how the pandemic has altered the project management coaching landscape.

Altered PM Training Processes

The pandemic made sea changes to how businesses worked. While some failed, others thrived, and the rest remained afloat. What did the successful companies do differently? Here are the three winning points:

Communication is essential for any project to succeed. Project managers were effective in keeping teams together and maintaining transparency despite challenges.Technologically advanced companies were able to efficiently streamline their processes.Project managers were able to make use of the tools and collaboration in real-time to make things smoothly move forward.

Alterations Made

The pandemic changed how PM training processes were handled before. Procedures have been updated since then:

More emphasis is given to having adequate technological know-how, especially for collaboration, data control, and management. You cannot function without digital equipment, even if you are in a hybrid work environment.Cybersecurity has become a mandatory section to be aware of for successful PM training processes. Employees have been the weakest link for company security. Project managers must be trained to help the team recognize vulnerabilities early.Trainers are helping managers to handle distributed teams. Since remote management will be one of the ways a team should work, it is an essential skill that managers must imbibe.More attention is given to documenting the entire project management process. Managers are provided with resources to jot down every step.

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