How to Build an IT Retention Strategy for Employees

According to a recent Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, organizations will face IT skills scarcity in the coming years. Additionally, the attrition rate would go up to 25 percent when the pandemic recedes. Ouellette & Associates CEO Dan Roberts suggests developing staff skills and boosting IT retention strategy in this Enterprisers Project article.

IT Retention Strategy Tips

Most C-suite executives had created an in-house training roadmap to boost their IT retention strategy. You also should develop in-house talent further before planning to hire new ones. Your existing employees can fulfill job requirements more efficiently because their thought processes are aligned with the organizational culture. Here is how you can build a robust IT retention strategy for employees:

People-First Program

You should have a program that is in line with your organizational culture. It helps your employees stay more in sync with your company’s roadmap, mission, and vision. Make your staff feel that the organization understands their contribution and wants to work on their career growth.

Center of Learning

You should rejuvenate the organization as a hub of learning by having dedicated teams to help working professionals stay updated with recent skills. Have partnerships with various educational centers and universities for job-related courses.

Learning Relevance

The IT crowd is a curious lot that wants to learn more and keep technical skills up-to-date. So, you must tap into this continuous learning aptitude. Your IT retention program will succeed if you give these professionals access to top industry skills.

Soft Skills

Most companies are not hiring IT talent based solely on technical skills. The new hires must be team players and should have demonstrated independent decision-making, among other soft skills.

Growth Culture

Is your company known for its learning culture? IT professionals like to be part of an organization that invests in learning and development. Promote your IT retention program on all social media channels to attract new talent and engage the existing ones.

Budget Allocation

You cannot run the same IT retention strategy for years and expect people to be motivated by it. Allocate a budget to continually update and nurture in-house talent.

One Step at a Time

You might have several other things to look at apart from working on the IT retention strategy. But you do not have to start with a bang. Just initiate the program, and it will eventually start getting more importance.

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