How to Establish a Successful Service Desk

A service desk is the point of contact for customers with any IT issues. It also serves as a communication channel between the customer and IT. Therefore, it plays a vital role in forming customers’ perceptions about the organization. So, how do you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the service desk? In this article at Euro Weekly, the author shares some valuable tips for creating a successful service desk.

What Makes a Good Service Desk?

Organization-Wide Culture of Service

The primary goal of an IT service desk is to exceed customer expectations and resolve their IT issues. Several studies have indicated that an organization’s cultural aspects can have a profound impact on customer experiences. In other words, organizations that effectively build a service culture are most successful in building long-term customer relationships.

Good Customer Service

As a step towards building a service culture, developing a shared opinion of what good customer service looks like is essential. This vision must not only be shared within the service desk or IT department but also across the organization. To achieve this, managers must work with stakeholders and ensure that the company’s vision, mission, and strategy reflect a service-oriented culture.

Bigger Organizational Picture

Prioritize user experience. “Organize your data and then look at the areas that go up or down,” says the author. This will help you identify what makes an experience suitable for customers. Additionally, service desks must be proactive in preventing incidents.

Customer Portal

It should not be challenging for customers to ask for help. Provide a single customer help center that links the IT service desk and many other departmental service desks like HR and legal. This will enable customers to approach one platform to find every service they need. Additionally, a single platform provides seamless internal support that will undoubtedly improve the employee experience.

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