How to Make SMB Recovery in the New Normal Era

The success rate of small businesses defines a nation’s economic status. If your SMB recovery is struggling, it will also affect your country in several aspects. If new ideas and developments have no takers, that severely affects the job market. In this article at Intelligent SME.tech, find out how SMB recovery is possible in the new normal era.

SMB Recovery Steps

Almost 94 percent of the UAE companies are small businesses that have kept 86 percent of the country’s population employed. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and multiple lockdowns, the sector has suffered significant losses. Here are the SMB recovery tips you can employ to survive the post-pandemic world:

WFH Model

Small businesses have to rely on their daily supplies and demands to survive. Since the labor shortage was acute, some had to shut down. Things will hardly go back to normal. Why not adapt to the WFH model? You must also ensure that the employees have a proper work-life balance.

Virtual Businesses

SMB recovery is possible if you take your business online or embrace the e-commerce style of catering to customers. You can reach out to a broader customer base through social media platforms and marketing campaigns. Tap into those areas which are in high demand now.

Health Tracking

Employee health must be of primary concern for your SMB recovery. Facilitate vaccination drives and have health technology and tools in place to track employee health every day. This will boost staff morale, and they would be more engaged in expanding the business.

Workspace Sanitation

If you want your employees to work from the office, you must ensure they have the right environment. Install sanitation and hygiene technologies to remove contamination chances. Help them maintain social distancing and encourage ventilation.

Sales Networking

Demand is rising in reaching out to customers through virtual mediums. However, you must train your people so that they can utilize in-house technologies without losing productivity. Encourage them to join online webinars, workshops, and courses to come up to speed.

Website Revamp

Since customers cannot meet you in person, your website is the first thing they will check once you reach out to them. Focus on site modernization because it is an important driver of SMB recovery.

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