How to Utilize ITIL 4 for Problem Management

ITIL 4 can be used for several purposes, and one of them is problem management. IT processes can be struck by downtime at any point, so service managers must be adept at resolving them. From detecting incidents and finding their root causes to mapping a solution and preventing further occurrences, ITIL 4 can help with the whole process. In this article at Good e-Learning blog, Philip Gallagher shares how you can utilize ITIL 4 for solving your service desk issues.

ITIL 4 and Problem-Solving

The ITIL 4 framework recently went through an overhaul with some changes. For instance, there is now a distinction between the definitions of incidents and problems.

ITIL 4 refers to incidents as issues that affect the daily outcomes of processes and user expectations. On the other hand, problems are the reasons behind these incidents. Service managers must discover why the problems occurred in the first place. Once you detect the incidents, work on controlling the problems and documenting those present on your radar. However, these solutions or problem-solving roadmaps depend more on ITSM practitioners than on processes. So, ITIL 4 has some actionable tips known as service value chain (SVC) after incident identification. Here they are:

SVC Recommendations

When users alert the team about incidents, you must respond to them and help them find solutions. This increases user engagement and loyalty to your services.Start going through recent incidents to discover insights for simulations. You can also prevent those issues from happening again.Manage the incidents for good after you have figured them out. You must continuously strive to find new occurrences, though.ITIL 4 helps to increase service delivery by reducing repeatable mistakes or disputes.Once that is taken care of, you are no longer bound by past mistakes and can increase your service frequency along with quality.

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