Insider Risk Management: A Crucial Safety Measure

Following emerging cybersecurity threats, organizations are taking revolutionary measures to beef up the safety of their confidential data. For years, addressing external security vulnerabilities has been the top priority for large enterprises. Even insider risk management (IRM) is essential now. This article at Help Net Security shares IRM threats and emerging complexities of data security. IT leaders have come across many security challenges. In 2020, a range of cyberattacks occurred due to internal data exposure and file exfiltration. It will continue threatening your business until you proactively initiate preventive measures.

Sabotaging IT Operations

Ignoring the probability of internal disruption attempts is an expensive mistake. Before leaving a company, former employees can delete security backups or damage your database. According to a recent Forrester Consulting study, IRM affects about 74 percent more organizations now than in the pre-pandemic era.

The survey covers insights of over 200 security professionals in the U.S. About 66 percent of survey respondents share their concerns about monthly data leaks caused by insider risks. Top organizations define insider risk management as a pathway to a zero-trust model.

82 percent of security experts anticipate that insider risks can affect vulnerable customer data. Meanwhile, 71 percent of survey respondents stay persistent in using traditional breach mitigation tactics. Code42 President and CEO Joe Payne recommends using collaborative work tools. Initiating an insider risk management strategy can curb cybersecurity threats for businesses. It will help your remote workforce to keep producing high-quality, innovative products.

IRM Roadblocks

Even if your organization has prioritized insider risk management initiatives, anonymous barriers will continue disrupting its execution. To reduce exposure, start educating employees about potential security threats. Conduct staff training to upgrade their knowledge and awareness of ongoing hacking activities to access confidential data.

Gradually, insider risk management will become an essential element of data security initiatives. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2021/05/05/insider-risk-management/

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