Is the Need for Project Managers That Vital Today?

With the advent of new PM methodologies, most teams can work on small projects without much management. Scrum masters can fulfill the rest of the handling. So then, why should there be a need for project managers in your organization? In this article at Business Chief, Chris DeBrusk shares why there is still a need for project managers for today’s teams.

Analyzing the Need for Project Managers

Tools and agile approaches have taken over most processes that accentuated the need for project managers. DevOps and automation can decrease the majority of administrative tasks as well. For instance, once you sync the data sources, these tools can collect data and send reports to relevant stakeholders per the schedule without any delay. So, where does the need for project managers arise?

Change Management

Acknowledging changes in the previously determined project roadmap is nerve-racking. Project managers dedicate their time to managing these activities. They not record the change requirements from sponsors but also convey those clearly to the team. Documentation is part of the managerial KRA to keep the processes transparent. While a product manager can fulfill the same role, getting someone that can also understand the project’s business perspective is challenging.

This is true even when procedures in the business or organization are likely to change. Years of experience have made project managers experts in handling these aspects, no matter the size or magnitude of the task.

Risk Handling

Agile teams have protocols to take care of risks. Though the framework encourages self-organization and ownership among team members, few teams can boast of such capabilities. The need for project managers arises in this situation. They closely watch the risks their teams have detected and expected, along with the ones that can occur at any time during the development cycle.

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