Is Your IT Service Desk Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?

The service desk has long been recognized as a potential vulnerability for enterprises. Studies have revealed that the help desk is highly vulnerable to backdoor security attacks. Today, hackers frequently use social engineering techniques to obtain unauthorized access to credentials and other confidential information. In this article at Security Boulevard, Nathan Eddy explains why IT service desk security is a weak point for organizations.

What Makes Your Organization Vulnerable?

Voice Recognition is Highly Vulnerable

According to studies, many organizations rely on voice recognition rather than solid authentication methods. As a result, spear phishing attackers access password and confidential data by replicating an executive’s voice. According to industry experts, the two main reasons for IT service desk vulnerability include:

Adding security measures to the user verification step. This will negatively impact the service desk’s performance metrics.A false belief that security questions or recognizing voices are sufficient for verification

User Verification Must be Tracked

Organizations must ensure to make user verification traceable. Often, the security desk distributes a generic password to everyone. IT help desks must generate a unique temporary password when assisting employees or customers with password reset. Furthermore, companies must implement a self-service password reset tool alongside FAQs and online guides to reduce IT service desk calls. These measures can reduce up to 50% of all service desk calls.

Industry experts believe that overall security culture can also play a significant role in securing IT service desks. For example, security training will undoubtedly raise general awareness. However, enforcement is key to a successful implementation.

To protect IT service desks from security vulnerabilities, organizations must take a broader approach and streamline some services. They must also create integrated service desk functions. This integration will undoubtedly allow organizations to gain a holistic view of the landscape, potential events, and red flags across the organization.

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