Leaders, How Often Do You Acknowledge Your Team?

Your team members are always proactive in delivering products on time. In turn, you also receive appreciation from clients, but do you pass it along to the team? Do you acknowledge your team enough to make them feel valued for their contribution? Or do you think they should know that by default? In this article at PM Student, MMeloni shares why you should acknowledge your team more often.

Acknowledge Your Team More

As a leader, it is your job to motivate the team, no matter how large or distributed it is. Pay raises, monetary rewards, or bonuses are not always enough. People feel encouraged when it comes directly from you. However, you do not have to bend over backward to acknowledge your team. Informal verbal recognition can help your team to improve further and faster.

How to Do It

It is common for leaders to prioritize deliverables and stack the praises for annual reviews. But why not praise those people that made it possible today? Yes, it is the team members’ job to complete work on time. Yes, they are hired and paid to do that job. However, you are working with humans, and people need to stay motivated. If you want the members to grow and increase performance momentum, you must acknowledge your team often.

You can set a reminder in your scheduler to mention client appreciation in the team meetings. You can write it in your daily journal if it is an individual contribution. If you have not done this before, break the ice by bringing in some snacks or treats for your team members. Order in a pizza and celebrate the joy of a grand project win with the team. When you acknowledge your team in this way, they feel motivated to work harder and stay engaged in order to enjoy more such events.

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