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According to PMI research, 56 percent of projects fail due to insufficient collaboration and communication. The number is alarming but predictable, considering your project depends on resources responsible for various functions. Therefore, having project communication management is significant to increase the chance of success. In this article at Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares important tenets about project communication.

Get Project Communication Right

You can streamline work when project knowledge flows smoothly across all stakeholders, and that is why you must manage project communication well. On average, managers must spend 60 to 90 percent of their bandwidth interacting with various stakeholders.

For instance, let’s use the PMBOK Guide formula ‘n (n-1)/2’ to determine how many collaboration channels you require for a 10-member team. Here, ‘n’ stands for the number of people.

Per the guide, you need [10 x (10-1)]/2 = [10 x 9]/2 = 90/2 = 45 communication channels for 10 people.

Why You Need It

Project communication is required chiefly for kickoffs, presentations, updates, documentation, work status, reviews, and retrospectives. Stakeholders will have different opinions, and those are subject to change per market scenario. Will regular updates and meetings, you will be addressing every requirement without any gap. Here are the steps:

Plan – Create an outline for project communication and map involved stakeholders so that you can reach out to the right people for regular or emergency meetings.Do – Once the channels are set, it is time to send minutes, reports, and project documentation.Monitor – Ask for feedback and opinions to understand if the level of information is good enough for all.Change – Based on the responses, you can modify the project communication processes.

Costs Incurred

A PMI study stated that projects with good communication increased the in-budget completion rate by 17 percent. So, do you need to host an event, or regular meetings with an email update will suffice? It all depends on how you are communicating with the team. Additionally, you need to hone skills like active listening, crisp reporting, accessibility, and politeness for better project communication.

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