Leverage These 5 Rules to Become a Better Mentor

Unless you help others grow by being a better mentor, your leadership capabilities will not improve an inch. Many professionals feel they lacked the opportunity when they were striving to learn more. But you can be one for your team. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Yasmina Khelifi shares five rules that you can leverage to become a better mentor.

How to Be a Better Mentor

Do Not Depend on Workshops

Though there are benefits to attending a corporate workshop for mentorship, do not heavily depend on them. Find out ways you can help teammates improve their skills. Instead of searching for a mentor for yourself, why do not you turn into one?

Always Accept Free Advice

If an experienced professional comes up to you and suggests something, do not ignore it. These free tips are rare, and people ready to provide such advice are rarer. Proactively listen to people that were in the business for years.

Define the Expectations

If you find a guide, explain in clear terms what you expect from the person. What areas are you looking to get a better grip in? Should the person be your official mentor? If so, how many times should you meet and when? What challenges can occur that could hamper the mentorship program?

Keep Your Promises

You must make time for the mentees if you want to become a better mentor. You will become busier day by day because you are in a higher position. But if someone wants to grow willingly, enable a continuous learning trajectory.

Be Positive

Even if a senior manager does not want to be your adviser, do not lose hope. Someone will be out there to help you become a better mentor. Ask everyone that can fit the role.

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