Managers, You Can Achieve Success Without Micromanaging

Having a manager who looms over employees, inspects, and criticizes every minor detail of a project can undoubtedly be demotivating. Knowing the difference between managing and micromanaging is what makes a successful leader. In this article at Digital Project Manager, Joanna Leigh Simon explains how to meet the deadline without micromanaging.

Ways to Stop Micromanaging

Practice Delegation

If you do not know how to effectively delegate tasks, you might unintentionally end up micromanaging your team. Assign employees tasks that enable them to learn and grow in their roles. According to studies, managers that excelled in task delegation generated 33% higher revenue. Remember, while delegating, focus only on the desired outcome. Additionally, ensure they have the right resources, training, and authority to reach the end goal.

Embrace Failure

Allow your employees to experiment with their ideas and test new approaches to a particular problem. Reward creativity and prepare them for potential mishaps. If a project does not go as planned, consider it a growth opportunity. Be open to new ideas and let go of perfectionism. This will help you remain less inclined to micromanagement.

Set Clear Expectations

“You should have several opportunities at the beginning of a project to clearly communicate to your team when the work is expected to be complete,” says Simon. The clearer you are about the project objectives, the better your employees are going to perform. Communicate the deadlines and the benchmarks you are going to measure the project’s success against. Give your employees a chance to prove their skills.

Hire the Right People

You are more likely to micromanage someone underqualified for a role or that lacks the right skillset. Therefore, it is critical to hire the right people. Every wrong hire comes with a financial penalty. According to a survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, the average cost-per-hire is $4,129. The survey also indicated that it takes nearly 42 days to fill a given role.

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