Never Say No to Stakeholders: A Notion or a Reality?

Developers usually consider stakeholder meetings as the most challenging tasks of all IT jobs. If you have not faced any difficult stakeholders in your career so far, consider yourself fortunate. As you progress through your career, you can meet and greet the most intimidating stakeholders. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Wes Knight suggests great ideas to prepare yourself with stakeholder management strategies. Maintaining transparency with clients and team members is the key to success.

Leave No Room for Doubt

Be it an affluent consumer or a vital stakeholder, everyone steps through your door with high expectations. Not only the stakeholders’ substantial monetary investment but also their brand reputation are at stake. If you fail to meet their expectations, stakeholders become skeptical of your abilities. This then marks the end of your relationship with them.

The Ideal Approach

Often, people say yes to everything for fear of losing stakeholders’ confidence. However, at times, you have to make the tough call by denying their demands. Let’s learn the appropriate ways:

Some project managers take the simple route of saying no to a range of stakeholder demands. They stick to their guns and politely say no. However, the outcome of such a brave attempt is not always good. Usually, industry experts suggest avoiding this idea.Outspoken leaders are open to taking severe actions, and that involves documenting all stakeholders’ conversations. Such measures help in taking calculated risks but do not guarantee success. Those usually affect client relationships because winning their trust becomes challenging.By paying attention to measurable objectives, you can convince stakeholders to drop a couple of needless demands. So, make a calculated decision with your team and explain to the stakeholders the consequences of working on unaligned tasks. The shared understanding will help you avoid unexpected conflicts with them.

Promote a culture of data management to maintain measurable project feasibility. Leverage case studies, industry research reports, and other reliable data sources. Maintain a data bank to evaluate and establish your decisions. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/saying-no-to-stakeholders/

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