Project Managers, Learn to Prep for Your Holiday

Do you resist going on a holiday because you are scared that something will go wrong in your absence? Remember, your role as a project manager is crucial, but the project cannot stop when you are away. You need a break free of stress. How should you prepare for a vacation so that work-related problems will not intrude on your recharge time? In this article at Project Risk Coach, Elizabeth Harrin explains some pre-vacation stress-busting tips for project managers.

How to Get Your Work in Order

Delegate Tasks

Name a team member to act as your backup. You need a person that can handle questions about your work while you are not available. The individual must possess enough skills to manage the project process while you are away.

Prepare Your Team Members

Once you have identified your backup, prepare them for what they need to do in your absence. For example, bring them up to speed on the projects and tasks you are currently working on. Additionally, ensure they have access to the project tools and information they will need while you are away. Include the list of contacts that they can reach out to during an emergency.

Talk to Your Stakeholders

“Even if you are not handing off any work to your sponsor, pop some time in their calendar to meet with them and discuss the plans for when you are off,” says Harrin. Keep your stakeholders informed about your vacation dates. Also, tell them about the backup they can contact in case of emergency. The aim here is to manage stakeholder expectations.

Organize Your Paperwork

Organize and file your paperwork and give access to people overseeing your work in your stead. Ensure your work is accessible to team members in your absence. You can store the files on cloud storage or project management tools.

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