Protect Your Business from Fileless Malware Attacks

Fileless malware is a malicious virus that hides behind approved applications to launch an attack. Though these attacks are lessening, the data breach costs are increasing in the U.S. How do you address it? In this article at IT Business Edge, Jenn Fulmer shares how you can protect your organization from fileless malware breaches.

Detecting Fileless Malware

The issue with fileless malware is that it is based on memory and does not give away any signature like other viruses. It conducts malicious activities when you are running the application it is hiding behind. The attackers insert the virus into an installed, ‘whitelisted’ application by sending phishing emails or performing social engineering. JavaScript platforms, Microsoft Power Shell, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) are the favorite hiding places for these viruses.

Preventive Measures

Search for indicators of attack (IOA) instead of files that have already been breached. For instance, if a potential thief visits a store multiple times and also comes back to disengage the security system, the theft is sure to take place.Making your current team looking after threats and risks might not be as effective as having a dedicated group supervising the entire scene. Outsourcing the job to the experts can also be another solution you can opt for, providing you have the budget.Train your team members so that they can prevent fileless malware from entering the corporate network through emails. Always encourage people to check if the email addresses are genuine enough before taking further actions. Keep in mind that nobody will send an urgent email at the eleventh hour asking for your login credentials.Since fileless malware is quite hard to identify when it is inside your system, be cautious about any unknown emails or files. Contact your IT department if you feel your computer is acting oddly.

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