Remote Model Costs You Must Discover Before Shifting

Organizations, be it public or private, are burdened with remote model costs since their overnight shift due to the pandemic. Multiple lockdowns and remote workers were never thought of as a long-term plan in any of the sectors. In this article the Digital Project Manager, Kendall Lott talks about the remote model costs you must be aware of before shifting your business online.

Realizing Remote Model Costs

Remote work was a commonplace activity for IT and finance professionals to serve their global customer base. Terminologies like ‘following the sun’ and ‘passing the book’ were popular. The problem is, now all industry workers are more or less working from home. The 100 resources you had working under one roof are now in various locations working in isolation.

Most employees had issues adopting to the new technologies and platforms. But somehow all managed to survive the ordeal. Now, you look for metrics in a digitally shared dashboard in a meeting.

However, all of these activities had a framework. What about those for which the organizations did not have any plan?

The COSS Shortage

You are highly productive when you have all the team members in one place. The remote work model costs team efficiency when the members do not have a structured environment. For a ‘maximally-distributed’ team, you are short of Context, Observation, Serendipity, and Spontaneity (COSS), says Lott.

Context – In a physical location, you can just go into the meeting room and brainstorm. You do not have to raise hands to share your opinion. You can never be a silent spectator in such a dynamic environment. You will also have informal chats with the person sitting next to you. This is something you miss doing in a virtual setup.Observation – More than formal training, you learn more by observing. The developers call this type of learning as ‘over the shoulder’ training. This is more essential for leaders that must learn by observing their bosses. So, remote work model costs organizations stable development of future leaders.Serendepity and Spontaneity – In the office, you used to talk to other department crews and get cross-functional ideas without much thinking. This is not possible now when you can attend only those online meetings that you get invited to.

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