Tech Leaders, Consider These Factors for Future Sprints

A Sprint planning meeting is essential to determine a proper plan and set the key goals. To maximize the Sprint’s efficiency, tech leaders must thoroughly know the project aspects they must prioritize. In this article at Forbes, the author explains some factors that tech leaders must consider while determining and reviewing priorities for future Sprints.

Successful Factors for Sprint Planning

Craft Sprint Goals

As a leader, you must ensure to prioritize business needs and goals during Sprint planning. Then, the Scrum team should discuss what must be done, craft meaningful Sprint goals, and forecast their work. Tech experts believe that organizations must not launch technology just for the sake of doing so. There must be a business impact.

Prioritize Customers’ Needs

Tech leaders must always identify customers’ needs. They must ensure that their solutions meet a customer’s mission. For example, tech leaders must do their research to identify the challenges and understand investment opportunities for customers’ product ideas. Further, IT leaders must also learn to tie the technology plans to customers’ long-term strategic goals. This sets an organization apart from other technology manufacturers.

Measure and Improve

As a tech leader, you must always look for ways to improve during any project phase. You can use a Kanban board to visualize the flow of work to identify the bottlenecks. This will help you keep an eye on the factors that slow down project speed and efficiency. Furthermore, you can use the data to find the root causes of variation and work with your team to address them. Ensure to make continuous improvement a habit.

Review Team’s Capacity

In addition to forecasting the project completion date, leaders must also ensure that team availability is consistent throughout the Sprint cycle. If the team availability changes, you must always plan for extra resources. This will help you avoid project delays.

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