The Evolving Role of a Chief Sustainability Officer

What role do the chief sustainability officers (CSOs) play in an organization? They help in ensuring that a venture follows all economic, social, and environmental sustainability norms. They are responsible for managing the sustainability strategy needs of an organization. In this article at Business Chief, Kate Birch explains how crucial a CSO is in the present economic condition.

Deliver the Mandate

Many organizations are conducting sustainability initiatives to improve supply chain management, employee safety procedures, and project returns. The role has become popular among Fortune 500 companies. According to a recent report by the Weinreb Group, a sharp demand surge of 228 percent for CSOs in the U.S is a testimony of corporate support. Most Fortune 500 companies have hired CSOs for the first time in 2020.

Dawn of a New Era

The evolving role of the CSO has progressed beyond sustainability issues. It also involves social justice now. The year 2020 has shifted attention towards environmental and social justice, believes Ellen Weinreb, founder, and CEO of the Weinreb Group.

Some organizations renamed the CSO’s role as Head of ESG or ESG Officer. Furthermore, a large number of women are taking up the responsibility of chief sustainability officers. Linda Fisher is the first-ever CSO appointed in a U.S. publicly-traded company. She joined the chemical giant Dupont in 2004.

External hires are gradually making the CSO role popular among organizations worldwide. For instance, JP Morgan has employed former British labor politician Chuka Umunna in February 2021. Similarly, Accor, a hotel chain, has hired French politician Brune Poirson in June 2021 for her involvement in the anti-waste law enforcement by the French government. She has also played a significant role for three years as the secretary of state for the environmental transition.

Companies are looking for skilled professionals in the ESG forum to achieve exceptional performance. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://businesschief.com/sustainability/charting-rise-chief-sustainability-officer

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