The Office Fear Factor: How to Rebuild People Trust

Do you fear returning to the office? If employers set a date to rejoin the office, will you join? How can employers regain trust to bring employees back to their desks? In this article at Dice Insights, Leslie Stevens-Huffman addresses common concerns surrounding office reopening. Trust is the by-product of care. To rebuild employees’ trust, demonstrate how much you genuinely care about people by arranging for top-notch sanitation. Frequent interactions with your staff are important to set new ground rules and expectations.

A Reality Check

According to a recent global study by the Limeade Institute, employees are anxious about contracting contagious infections at the workplace. Even Deloitte reports that the workers do not trust their peers or other individuals they frequently interact with at work. Follow these steps to rebuild trust for a safe office return:

Nurture Relations

15 months are enough to sabotage relationships, communication, and productivity. To embrace the new normal, collaboration and trust are crucial. So, engaging employees in team-building exercises is essential. According to a Pew Research survey, about 89 percent of respondents define the negative impact of the global pandemic on their lives. Empathize with your teammates, maintain hygiene, and offer work flexibility and assistance to restore their trust.

Explore Beyond

Managers and team leads must set clear goals and follow a set of rules to bring employees back to their offices. Help them collaborate without frequenting each other’s desks. Develop a multidimensional operation to achieve daily goals within a specific time. Help existing employees and new hires maintain and deliver quality work.

Back to the office is an occasion to seek suggestions for improvement. Let employees decide how they can trust the working conditions of your office again. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://insights.dice.com/2021/05/13/rebuilding-trust-when-your-team-returns-to-the-office/

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