13 Project Management Lessons from an Expert

Whether you are an experienced project manager or a new one, you cannot get enough project management lessons. Projects are continuously growing more complex. Market volatility, changing customer demands, and complex business relationships are the reasons for such continuous expansion and complexity. So, what are the new things that you must be aware of as a project manager? In this article at PMWorld 360, Sylvie Edwards shares thirteen project management lessons to add to your daily PM activities.

Try Out 13 Project Management Lessons

Ready to Learn

Certifications alone cannot help you be a better project manager. Be open to learning on the job. Get used to everyday challenges and issues.

Leading the Change

One of the project management lessons is to lead the change instead of just going with the flow. You must not be the tailenders that only pick up on trends when they have no choice.

Seizing Opportunities

Are you not sure if you are capable enough to handle that new assignment? Well, you will not know until you take it. Instead of bowing out, proactively take charge of relevant tasks or projects.

Failure Commotions

Project failures will happen, and they will be frustrating. But, remember, every efficient project manager has learned project management lessons from the losses, not just the wins.

Lessons Learned Into Practice

No certification course can help you learn as much as while managing a team. Convert those project management lessons into practice to improve as a professional.

No Superiority Complex

Do not think that you are better than others because of your position. A humble attitude will help you delegate work to others.

Transparency Is the Rule

One of the top project management lessons is that you must be transparent with the team and stakeholders. Trust is necessary to survive in the profession.

Tougher Projects

Do not settle for the simplest project. You will not learn much from it. Push yourself to handle more complex assignments to earn more project management lessons.

Finding a Mentor

You will not have all the answers, so search for a mentor that can help you. Build a relationship where the person is readily available for your support.

Keeping a Journal

Whatever activity you are doing or thinking of, just write it down in a journal. You might not remember it the next time.

Having a Hobby

Apart from being a manager, you must also have a hobby to relax your mind. This helps you to be available for the team in mind and body.

Clear Communication

Do not think that your team members will know by default what you are implying. Make it clear so that there is no room for doubt.

Work vs. Life

Do not drown in work so much that you forget to appreciate the little joys of being a family member. Appreciate the support from your dear ones and vice versa.

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