3 Focus Points for CIOs Treading A Challenging Path

Striving for an astounding digital transformation is nothing less than climbing a mountain. As you proceed further, you experience things you didn’t know how to tackle. Similarly, most digital initiatives comprise 20 percent of the technological part and 80 percent of the transformational management crucial to deliver that 20 percent. In her article for ‘The Enterprisers Project’, Helen Yu suggests some points that a CIO should consider while confronting challenging pathways.

Keep A Futuristic Approach

CIOs should line up their stratagems and approach, keeping the future in mind. They should believe in their ideas and their execution process as they are responsible to keep the team aligned with the vision.

Do Your Homework

Similar to the psychological impact of hiking up a mountain, undertaking digital transformation for an organization may feel overwhelming. With a far-fetched yet executable vision, the next step is to modify the workforce and get accustomed to novel technologies and platforms. This requires meticulous meetings, discussions, and regular reflection on the progress.


It is easy to feel annoyed when the results are consistently disappointing. You and the team begin questioning your own abilities and your mental strength can wane. In such a situation, it is important to keep pushing forward, taking one day at a time, and motivating the team throughout the process.

Prioritizing your goals and keeping a smooth, transparent headway within the team are crucial factors. You should reinforce the reason for initiating this journey among the team. It will reinstate their faith, confidence, and vigor. As it is said, it is the believers who make a difference.

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