3 Practical Leadership Tips to Increase Productivity

To create a robust work environment and a team of high-performers, leaders must take proactive measures. Initiate innovative approaches to connect with your team. Find a way to make a seamless transition from remote working to the post-pandemic office return. Ignoring the present and focusing only on the future is equally unfair. In this article at Inc.com, Marcel Schwantes suggests some exceptional leadership lessons to rekindle your relationship with the remote workforce.

Take Bold Steps

Organizations worldwide are making every possible effort to survive the rough weather for almost 16 months. IT and business leaders have embraced people management strategies to monitor their teams working from distributed locations. Nonetheless, they ignored a couple of necessary adjustments that may have affected employees’ productivity. Now is the time to acknowledge existing vulnerabilities and address the communication gap with your team to prove your leadership abilities. The following tips are pivotal for execution:

Take a Break

Indeed, you have a limited time to innovate and execute new ideas, but pushing your team hard can cause disorientation. So, instead of taking any impulsive action, take a break, think logically, and make necessary adjustments to improve productivity. Seek stakeholders’ advice to make the right decisions and deliver desired results.

Share Feedback

For years, leaders have focused on employee retention, talent acquisition, and ways to increase productivity. Use this time to make minor adjustments. Instead of attracting or retaining top industry talent by offering them great perks, show them the power of employee training. Help project managers share frequent feedback with their teams to improve the quality of work without demoralizing the staff. Promote a work culture where employees are keen to take risks without fearing failure.

Show Empathy

It may have become a buzzword in the pandemic, but empathy is a powerful device to display employee engagement. Since most people are working from distributed locations, take the opportunity to elevate your leadership game. Offer immense support to the employees working under your supervision.

Due to the rising COVID-19 cases, people are suffering from anxiety. Leaders must offer due support to employees to maintain their trust in the enterprise. Work on your leadership skills to bring about change. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/if-youre-too-busy-for-these-3-things-your-leadership-is-probably-on-life-support.html

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