A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons to Overcome Fear

Commitment to excellence is the primary objective one should embrace to succeed in life and to overcome fears. It is crucial to put your passion ahead of your fears and insecurities. In this video published by Goaldcast, Lt Col. Waldo Waldman of the U.S. Air Force talks about essential lessons to overcome fear. Waldman talks about how he overcame his fear of heights to become an instructor pilot. Later in his life, he had a close to death experience while scuba diving in the Caribbean. That incident made Waldman realize that no matter if you are 35,000 feet above ground or 30 feet below it, situations will require you to leave your comfort zone. It is best not to give in to your fears because growth lies on the other end of anxiety. To hear more from Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman on overcoming fear, click on the video.

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