Are Employees Welcoming AI Implementation?

SnapLogic research confirmed that 81 percent of employees are ready to work with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Yes, you read it right. After the initial inhibitions and fearful resistance, employees now believe that emerging technologies will only help them work better. In this article at IT Brief, Ryan Morris-Reade shares how employees are ready for AI implementation at their workplace.

AI Implementation Report

68 percent of the participants want their organization to go ahead with AI implementation. Employees are willing to work with advanced technologies now more than ever. According to the IDC report, companies across the world have already spent around $50.1 billion in 2020 on AI tools. The number will be 2x more in the next four years.

The Positive Angle

The SnapLogic survey was conducted across all U.S. and U.K industries. 56 percent of working professionals confirmed that they regularly work with AI. 89 percent confirmed that emerging technology is helping them in completing 50 percent of their work. These employees derived benefits in primarily three areas—migrating, accessing, and studying data.

After AI implementation, 61 percent of the participants believed they became more productive at work. 49 percent received help in analysis. 51 percent think they could balance their professional and personal lives better. “The more they’ve been exposed to AI and seen it in action, the more they realise how it can assist them with their daily work,” says SnapLogic CTO, Craig Stewart.

The study also made a comparison between personal and workplace AI usages. 45 percent of AI implementation was for work-related tasks, while only 26 percent of downloads were for personal use. It seems that the previous notion about AI taking away jobs has evaporated and made a productive turn of events.

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