Can ITIL 4 Assist IT Leaders and CEOs?

Though CEOs have been handling the business side of their company, IT leaders often do not share the same depth of detail. So, they might not fully understand the impact or effect of their IT suggestions on the business. This is where ITIL 4 comes in. In this article at Good eLearning, Philip Gallagher shares how leveraging ITIL 4 can help IT leaders and CEOs manage their organizations well.

ITIL 4 Assistance for the C-suite

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is AXELOS’s ITSM framework. The new version—ITIL 4—is adaptable to suit the volatile nature of the current business world. It is also compatible with the latest project management methodologies such as DevOps and Lean approaches. Here is how ITIL 4 can help IT leaders increase IT efficiency suitable for business growth:

Modernized Version

You can let go of the old processes and protocols that slow down development. ITIL 4 focuses on increasing the speed of delivery as well as quality. Be it an in-house team, a hybrid crew, or a distributed group, any team can utilize and reap benefits from the framework. Even if you are using approaches like COBIT 19 or Lean, you can add ITIL 4 as another layer of workflow management.

Proactive Development

Once you start using ITIL 4, you will have an army of ITSM experts to help streamline your processes. You can ask a quick question or receive and provide feedback without any inhibition. The ITIL 4 community has a strong network that will provide actionable insights whenever you need them.

Rich Skill Availability

You have a diverse certification program in ITIL to explore. While some will want to go for ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) courses, others might prefer Managing Professional (MP) sections. What’s more, if you are already certified in ITIL 3, you can update yourself with ITIL 4 certification.

Certification Benefits

Once you become an ITIL Master, you are certified as an IT leader. An ITIL MP or ITIL SL professional will have similar management-level positions within the company. You will learn how to utilize your technical background as well as understand business nuances and strategies.

Aligned with Regulations

Organizations must follow the rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary fines and reputation loss. With ITIL 4, you will understand which rules you must follow so that the business can move forward. You will bring more transparency to your processes, making your stakeholders trust you more.

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