CIOs, Implement These Pre-Holiday IT Checks

How often have you received an IT call during your holidays informing you that the corporate self-service portal is down? Since most organizations have shifted their business online, pre-holiday IT checks are essential now. But let’s face it, upgrades take time. So, why not start the process early? In this article at BizReport, Kristina Knight shares the pre-holiday IT checks you must do to peacefully enjoy your vacation.

Checklist for Pre-Holiday IT Checks

Most people are enjoying their vacation while the IT teams are slogging overnight to support clients. This could be avoided if IT leaders take some proactive measures, such as pre-holiday IT checks. Though you cannot prevent all the issues, you will have strategies available to lessen the issue impact or have a communication hierarchy ready to address those challenges. Here are the pre-holiday IT checks you should make before the holiday season starts:

Tech Upgrade

Update all the devices and tool licenses that teams will need while supporting your customers and employees during the holiday season. Establish ad-hoc committees to fast-track issue resolution. Boost the internal infrastructure to help the small number of employees that stay back and manage the entire operation. You do not want to make it a nightmare because they will not volunteer the next time. Jeff Bradbury, Senior Marketing Director in Enterprise at Hughes Network Systems, says, “Make any necessary changes to network infrastructure as a result of new holiday store designs or rollouts.”

Boost Security

You want to make sure that the security firewalls are working fine. If need be, have meetings to boost the security or incident response plans. Additionally, ensure that the third-party services are secure, and your customers will not be facing trouble because of them. Clear all the pending issues as soon as you notice them or they come to your inbox.

Temporary Hiring

Hire extra hands for the IT help desk because more customers will be flocking to brand-name websites. Ensure there are people to cover around-the-clock shifts to cater to users across the globe. Train teams about the new tools that you have purchased to streamline digital transactions.

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