CIOs, Your Staff Must Face These Remote Work Realities

While most offices are reopening, employers still want to keep work from home as an option. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation. This further encouraged organizations to have WFH options for their staff. However, there are primary remote setup risks you must be careful about. In this article at eWeek, discover the remote work realities that employees must follow.

Considering Remote Work Realities

According to Gartner, “organizational plasticity and IT adaptability will be the central strategic technology trend that businesses should plan for in 2021.” So, what are the remote work realities that CIOs should make staff remember? Here they are:

Topics to Emphasize

Shifting to remote work was not at all smooth for 83 percent of companies. 40 percent spent more on IT professionals to troubleshoot in-house IT issues. So, you must acknowledge the hard work that goes into making things available to employees and keep the business operating.The 2020 Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Report indicates that 60 percent of organizations faced a surge in cyber breaches while migrating to remote setups. 34 percent were actual victims of cyber-attacks.One of the remote work realities is that you can no longer rely on a single firewall or ‘perimeter-based security’. Develop multiple layers for end-to-end security and edge protection.Almost all companies have three types of teleworkers—basic, power, and super. Secure access based on the work they deliver.Remote work realities demand that you follow best practices to peacefully work from home. For instance, use multi-factor authentication, network access control, SD-WAN, and segmented access and hire more skilled IT professionals.Training your remote workers about the hazards of using an insecure network or clicking on phishing emails is necessary.Flexibility is a necessity and not an option for organizations now. You must focus on employee productivity rather than the hours they are staying online.

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