Do Big Meetings Have a Small Impact?

Business review meetings play an essential role in developing strategies, managing ongoing projects, and tracking marketing and sales reports. However, sometimes, they turn into more of a theatrical event rather than a supportive tool. In his article for the Harvard Business Review, Ron Ashkenas talks about ways to enhance and optimize the impact of business meetings.

Why Does ‘Business Theatre’ Occur?

Failing to grasp the purpose of review meetings is the primary reason for deviating from the original plan. Secondly, managers of different business entities think that meetings might show their weaknesses, which is consequently covered by flamboyant modus operandi. Here are some ways to avoid turning meetings into an unnecessary spectacle:

Keep an Eye on the Future

Organize every meeting with a precise agenda. Business meetings can spend a long time examining the past, not leaving much time for forward-thinking discussions. Senior executive leaders must participate in deciding the meeting points so that they can suggest changes that can be effectively incorporated.

Allow Constructive Dialogue

There are times when participants might seem incompetent because they can’t speak their minds. The stifling of healthy communication can hamper the work discussion. Vigorous dialogues are essential to produce innovative ideas and a transparent workspace.

Review Your Meetings

Reviewing meetings help in generating concepts, that make them effective for the future. Working with executives and receiving their feedback can make it a collaborative effort. It will also help them to connect to the larger effort for the greater good.

There are several other ways to enhance a business meeting, some of them might work better than the others. But if a meeting has turned into something you should buy tickets to, it is time to go back to the basics and bring about the required changes.

Click on the link to read the complete article: Big, Theatrical Meetings Are a Waste of Time (hbr.org)

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