Do Not Make These Cybersecurity Mistakes

Ever wondered why your cybersecurity protocols are not working? You have poured a large portion of your company’s IT budget into securing your data from threat actors. But breaches are occurring and recurring. You can prevent these cybersecurity mistakes by analyzing where you are going wrong. In this article at IT Business Edge, Jenn Fulmer shares top cybersecurity mistakes that stop organizations from perfecting their cyber hygiene.

Beware of Cybersecurity Mistakes

Not the Top Target

Threat actors do not always head for more prominent brands. They are also diversifying their attack portfolio and will hack any company whose defense is down.

Too Much Software Reliance

You have purchased state-of-the-art software, and you think that can detect and alert any issues for you. The reality is that any application will have vulnerabilities that attackers can leverage to steal your data.

Reactive Mode

Several companies do not have proper contingency plans for cyber-attacks. You should have everything ready. As Huntress senior security researcher John Hammond says, “There should never be any open questions during an emergency.”

No Data Backup

Organizations that do not regularly back up their data cannot save the recent updates or data set addition once the hackers strike. On the other hand, constant data backup can release you from the burden of paying a hefty ransom.

Unskilled Resources

Cyber-attackers frequently upgrade their attack model. If you do not have the right resources or experts, they will never discover vulnerabilities on time.

IT as Optional

You can no longer survive the market without utilizing some IT services and tools. “IT is no longer just a service, it’s at the heart of your business,” remarks Kroll founder and senior managing director Alan Brill.

Emails After Breach

One of the cybersecurity mistakes is taking over emails from already hacked systems. The best alternative would be to relay information face to face or over the phone.

No Expert on Standby

There is limited time available to report incidents to regulatory bodies like GDPR. You must have an expert on standby to get appropriate advice and take the necessary action soon.

Ignoring the Basics

Organizations usually focus on their most critical areas estimating that the hackers will target those areas the most. The threat actors can infiltrate through your primary channels as well if you leave them unguarded.

Stagnant Protocols

If you are not updating response and mitigation plans, you are making one of the direst cybersecurity mistakes. Update your zero-trust models and micro-segmentation because threat actors are relentlessly updating their attack styles.

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