Does Every CIO Need Value Stream Management?

Tech organizations are growing rapidly, and with the assistance of cloud computing, graph analytics, and several other technological advancements, they have become more efficient yet insecure amidst the cut-throat competition. A CIO’s responsibility increases manifold in such situations as they are accountable for the technological progress of their enterprise. In his article for ‘Tech Beacon,’ Bob Davis shares why CIOs should accomplish strategic milestones focusing on value stream management (VSM).

How Does Value Stream Help?

Value streams enable CIOs to look at the basics of their portfolios and use that knowledge to focus on the essential elements for senior management. If an enterprise succeeds in narrowing down its value streams, it becomes essential to secure and plan the speed and condition of software delivery through VSM. It is with the help of VSM that businesses can develop a sense of clarity. It also facilitates the coordination between releases and test environments irrespective of the procedure, technology, or mechanization.

Can VSM Improve Productivity Speed?

An efficient VSM system links the tools and teams’ network for creating, constructing, and delivering products at an enterprise level. VSM also helps CIOs to overcome their visibility problems and increase productivity while being compliant.

Most CIOs are usually frustrated as they have been made to believe that agile and DevOps would do wonders for their business and would prove to be a ground-breaking prospect. But when looked upon closely, things don’t seem like that. There are instances when CIOs’ lack of visibility inhibits agile or DevOps teams from becoming more independent. VSM provides CIOs with comprehensive clarity on the development procedure. Every enterprise team is aware of the business advancements, which increases the visibility and transparency across the company’s different departments.

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