Encourage Creativity for Better Risk Strategies

Emerging technologies are already taking care of the tedious jobs that consumed most of your workers’ hours in the past. However, AI, RPA, ML, and other new tools cannot imitate creativity. Risk strategies need out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. Creative professionals on your team will be the eternal testers. They will point out mistakes, be alert about issues, and will be the first to take up risk-laden opportunities. In this article at strategy+business, Michele Wucker shares why you must encourage creativity for better risk strategies.

Creativity for Risk Strategies

Your team can avert issues if you learn about the risks long before they become troublesome. People with creativity will have those instincts because they are curious. Here are the reasons you must nurture creativity in your team to make water-tight risk strategies:

Applicable Everywhere

People always associate creativity with art, but it is a skill that you can apply everywhere. According to artist Drue Kataoka, “From Leonardo to Edison and onward, they first drew something.” Creative people have this vast array of information that they correlate and bring forth the best ideas. They also do not fear taking up new roles or tasks that they hitherto did not work upon. They are ready to experiment and fail.

Natural Risk-Takers

Previous studies have created a narrow beneficial scope to creativity and risk-taking behaviors. Researchers mostly pointed at ‘associational fluency, divergent thinking, tolerance of ambiguity, creative lifestyle, or intellectual achievements’. After broadening the scope, it was discovered that creative professionals display ‘self-described personality and creative achievements, ideation…, association formation, and problem-solving, among other qualities.’

Speaking Up

Creativity means ideas that might not be usual in the company. However, creative people are ready to go ahead with their ideas despite losing long-term partnerships or support. Their main goal is to bring a positive result for the company in the long term. When you empower employees to make individual decisions, creativity flows. This helps to make better risk strategies.

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