Guidebook for PMs to Improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is one of the top concerns of project managers. As a project manager, at some point, you will struggle to improve your team’s productivity. Managing a team is a challenging task, so you cannot just neglect it and rely on traditional methods to improve productivity and boost team morale. In this article at PM Tips, the author explains how to measure workplace productivity and improve it.

Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

Don’t Be a Boss

Very often, project managers believe that they can execute orders and everybody else must obey. However, this is the biggest mistake a leader can make. Being a boss and not a leader creates an enormous gap between you and your employees. This stage is where disengagement begins. To improve your team’s productivity, you must practice a shared leadership style. Additionally, keep your team motivated and enthusiastic about their job.

Discourage Multitasking

“Modern technologies have made multitasking a natural state of things, but unfortunately, it can lead to memory problems and a decline in productivity,” says the author. Many business leaders, project managers, and executives often think of multitasking as a tool for simultaneously achieving business goals. Remember, work overloading converts into occupational burnout. According to a Forbes study, 95% of HR leaders state that employee burnouts sabotage their work culture.

Optimize Meetings

One of the greatest enemies of workplace productivity is hour-long meetings. Hold short mandatory meetings every week to be well-informed of all the processes and control any potential risks. In addition, short sessions will help employees feel their interdependence and team spirit. Ensure that your weekly team meeting is more about listening. Employees will be more focused and engaged if they believe that you care for their needs.

Transforming a group of people into a highly productive team is undoubtedly challenging. However, these simple directions can make your journey less problematic.

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