How ITIL 4 Can Enhance the Employee Experience

You know by now that ITIL 4 is flexible enough to cater to modern-day digitization efforts and is compatible with Agile and DevOps methodologies. But do you know you can also use the framework for employee experience enhancement? In fact, staff productivity can also improve due to ITIL 4. How is it possible? In this article at AXELOS, Royce Dsouza shares how an ITIL 4 implementation can enhance employee experience.

ITIL 4 and the Employee Experience

When you enable staff members to take ownership of their tasks and resolve individual issues, you make them feel valued. That is how you improve your employee experience. This also increases their productivity without much intervention. Here is how ITIL 4 can help you enhance the employee experience in your organization:


Which applications and tools can help employees become more productive? Discover the productivity map of the employee journey per the IT systems they are working with. Understand the roadblocks they might encounter.What increases the percentage of positive employee experiences? Were they able to interact, receive, and incorporate feedback, earn rewards, and grow in their career? They should get value from your management processes to increase efficiency.Employee experiences cannot progress when you provide isolated feedback loops. They should get comments from other departments and units as well. This will increase cross-collaboration.This form of collaboration brings enterprise-wide transparency and streamlining of processes.Instead of forcing teams to follow a complex array of processes, management must simplify them. This will fast-track deliveries and enhance the employee experience instead of being burdened with multiple bureaucratic approval loops.Automation of manual jobs can further help management efforts. Start with workflow management and value stream mapping. Based on how your employees react, you can tweak your in-house processes and systems.

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