How The French Revolution Relates to Project Management

The enduring scenario of the IT industry has witnessed numerous changes. They appear to be chaotic from the external vantage point. However, to make sense of the entire IT uproar, the collective developments can be narrowed down to three major initiatives. The changes that brought the IT sector to where it now has certain parallels with the French Revolution. In his article for the PM Times, Kevin Huther asserts how the French Revolution taught us invaluable lessons in project management.

Organized Anarchy – The Age of 3G

Before the advent of 3G, telecom organizations were trying to break through the threshold and the market seemed quite disarrayed. Corporations were becoming familiar with software management procedures, and the technological affluence led to organizational rearrangement.

The Second Coming – Metadata

Metadata took the idea of a central information source to an unprecedented scale, leading to multilevel security and leading to a gratifying customer experience. However, as the second project advanced, organizations aspired to accumulate the customers’ information without capable software.

The Third World – Government and Information

The third program commenced with the goal of revitalizing outdated technological infrastructure for the government’s rejuvenation. On the other hand, the inter-organizational conflict was heating up to acquire those data management contracts.      

What Does It Teach?

Organizations should opt for those structural and management paradigms that are preventive in nature and can forestall their incidence. The preference of disorder over order has been a key obstacle among all three initiatives and is undoubtedly something aspiring businesses should remember.

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A Tale of Three Initiatives: Project Management Lessons from the French Revolution – Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and Jobs (projecttimes.com)

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