How to Build An Exceptional ‘Work From Home’ Team

Covid-19 has changed the way work culture was perceived a few years ago. Virtual hiring, meetings, and decisive business advancements are carried out effortlessly across the globe. It’s time you ideate ways of accentuating your workforce and take your business a step ahead. In his article for the Information Week, John Edwards talks about ways to enhance your ‘Work From Home’ team.

Virtual Learning Curve

Chris Fielding, CIO of an IT infrastructure provider, Sungard Availability Services, shares that getting people on the screen to talk business was slightly uncomfortable initially. However, when it became mandatory, people had to make the switch. We see the pandemic curve flattening and it has created a learning curve that has changed things permanently.

Find the Balance

Most IT leaders assert that an interactive environment is a basis for an effective remote work environment. However, it is essential for the team leaders to find the right balance and differentiate between a friendly conversation and a work-related discussion.

Communication is the Key

Anthony Cummings, director of infrastructure and operations at salesforce recruitment firm, Mason Frank International, mentions that the most crucial lesson Mason Frank learned during the pandemic was to communicate with the workforce on several platforms, where after initial difficulties, they got things running smoothly.

Think it Through

If you are thinking of switching to the remote office culture permanently, you should conduct proper research. Remote workers should be made aware of the work expected from them, along with the company’s objectives and response time.

IT leaders should look for self-motivated candidates with good communication skills and time management. IT is an inseparable and vital part of any business, and without its smooth performance, the company will experience consequences.

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