How to Familiarize Leaders with Complex Technologies

Businesses are improving their technological operations enabling efficiently run companies to advance on the global stage. However, promising digital endeavors can only be adopted when supported by an understanding leadership team. John Edwards, in his article for ‘Information Week,’ shares how you can help your business leaders understand a complicated new project for future success.

Focus is The Key

One of the effective ways to familiarize yourself or your business leaders with the latest technologies is by explaining the greater good it will bring to the company. Chris Carragher, director of technology for hedge fund firm Kaiju Capital Management states that features and capabilities of new technology are of minor importance. Your company’s leaders want to know the greater impact a particular technology brings to the advancement of the business. It is essential to show them the bigger picture and how it will be achieved. This will not only explain the workings of the latest technologies but also put things in perspective.

Analogies Go A Long Way

Using analogies based on shared experiences might be of great help when approaching a leader and help them better understand a system. Justin Rodenbostel, practice lead in open-source application development for technology service firm ‘SPR Consulting’ believes that using a common ground analogy to explain technology serves as an efficient way to communicate ideas in a relatable manner.

Software issues, for example, are often deemed as logic-oriented, and logic-based processing takes precedence in the real world. With the common relevant points, people can share their understanding and build up a technological comprehension.

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