How to Improve Networking Skills with Cisco Certifications

‘Work from home’ has gained global acceptance and changed the way organizations have operated since the pandemic. Subsequently, many companies are planning to advance their cloud-based operations. Cisco has recently developed a hybrid cloud technology, which will be in great demand. It seems to be a perfect opportunity for people with experience in networking who want to attain new skills from “The 2021 Cisco CCNA and CCNP Certification Training Bundle”. In their article, ‘TechRepublic’ talks about ways to improve your networking skills by acquiring Cisco certifications.     

What is CCNA Course?

The “Cisco 200-301: Cisco Certified Network Associate” course is primarily designed for the new batch of IT professionals with at least one year of work experience as a network administrator. However, professionals with more than one year of experience can also be taken under consideration, but they should get their advanced Cisco skills certified beforehand.

How Would CCNA Help?

The CCNA course enables you to improve your skills in networking and security basics, IP connectivity and services, automation, and programmability, to name a few. It provides you with all the information and academic training, which is enough to pass the test for CCNA certification.

What’s After CCNA?

Once you have completed your CCNA certification, you can go for the “Cisco 350-401: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies” course, whereas the name suggests you would get to learn about Cisco’s advanced network-oriented technologies. It will also enable you to instill the learnings and use them for your ENCOR exam. Qualifying your ENCOR exam will make you eligible for the practical lab exam to get a CCIE certification.

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Turbocharge your networking career by learning the skills needed for Cisco certification – TechRepublic

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