How to Improve Your Likability Using the Elevator Test

Imagine walking into an elevator with a stranger and getting into a conversation with them. They ask you about yourself, your work, what you can do, and the service you provide. Do you think you can precisely convey everything about yourself? Would you be able to tell them why your views matter and how they can help them in a certain way? Have you offered information that demonstrates you are loyal and honest? In her article for ‘CIO Insight,’ Shelby Hiter shares how you can improve your likability in the professional space with the help of an elevator test.

Common Mistakes in Customer Pitches

Technical aspects of businesses are quite different. However, the sales goal is always the same; how to identify and optimally solve a customer’s problem. Technology sales professionals often conduct three basic mistakes when they approach a client. They use unnecessary jargon that confuses the customer and they share too much information about the product, which can bewilder the customer. Some professionals rely heavily on their company’s brand, which reduces the possibility of an in-depth discussion.

How to Enhance Your Elevator Test for Recruitment

When you are planning to hire or get hired, an elevator pitch is an effective and concise way to convey your thoughts and ideology. Both interviewers and interviewees should practice an elevator pitch to describe what they are, their vision, and how they plan to achieve it.

Businesses usually have a core value and specific concept that drives the organization forward. It is easier for organizations to get in touch with people who share the same beliefs and are on the same page with their vision. The elevator test is an efficient and time-saving way to find the right match and optimize the business discussions.

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