How to Manage Multiple Projects

There are instances when a project manager has to monitor, supervise, and conduct multiple projects simultaneously. It becomes a challenging task to execute all the projects with equal focus and manage time. Abrupt problems may arise, which can add to the challenges of the job. It often requires more than determination to execute multiple projects at the same time. In her article, Leigh Epsy shares some tips to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Communicate Well

Communication plays an essential role in smoothening the work process when we work in a professional space. You should be aware of what and how to communicate to your audience. You should know how to gather your information and understand the expectations and priorities of the people you work with.

Believe in Teamwork

You should understand that if you want to work effectively, you should not do everything by yourself. You might have team members who wish to gain experience and exposure to help them in their prospects. Make it a team effort and optimize the process.

Use Software for Project Management

Resource management tools enable users to identify problems with resource management. Paymo, for example, is a project management tool that helps users with resource management and planning tasks. Hive is another example of a resource management tool that shows the team members’ workload for each day.

Create a Prototype of Templates and Checklists

Creating documents from scratch with standard information in each one might take too much of your valuable time. Creating templates that you can reuse saves time and makes project planning comparatively easier and more coherent.

In addition, it is your responsibility to prioritize your tasks, avoid distractions, and handle stress so that it doesn’t affect your work.

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