How to Progress With Your OKRs

Objective and Key Result Statements (OKRs) manifest a team’s vision to progress with pragmatic and feasible goals. It can also indicate that the team is concerned that their targets may not be large enough for the stakeholders. In this article, Jeff Gothelf suggests at what point you should consider writing your OKR statements.

Write as You Feel

Experts suggest that you should construct OKR statements that fall under your area of control. If you are at the leadership level of the company or even the head of a specific department, you must ensure that you include the whole team together, which should reflect in the team’s OKRs.

Focus on Your Field

If your company’s division is responsible for a specific line of the business, make sure you set targets for that line and collectively deliver it with your team. By doing so, you will boost your team’s confidence and lessen the need to coordinate with other sections to build the OKRs.

Make it Hierarchal 

It is suggested that the lower-level OKRs should proceed in the inverted pyramid format if it is being dealt with by a separate group of individuals creating the overall business report. The reason for using a hierarchal order is to have a clear sense of what to accomplish, how to strategize, and how the smaller divisions can be fitted into the inclusive strategic system.

The OKRs report gives a clearer idea of a specific branch of an organization or even the whole business’s goals and how efficient they are to undertake them. If you are satisfied with the OKRs report you have launched as a single entity for your business or its division, you are good to go. However, if your OKRs information includes dependence on several stakeholders, you should consider modifying your OKRs report to allow room for potential delays or changes.

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