How to Share Bad News Without Affecting Team Morale

Bad news can happen to any project, no matter how consistent the delivery is or how pleased the client is with your deliverables. In these unprecedented times, team morale is already low. How do you discuss negative news without making them worried? In this article at PMStudent, MMeloni narrates how to share bad news without affecting team morale.

Cushioning the Blow of Bad News

Clients are bankrupt and now can only pay for half of the team, so people will be laid off. The project was also one of the longstanding ones that profited the company. Both senior management and you are upset. But you cannot let that filter into the psyche of the team as a project manager. Here are ways to share the bad news with your team members:

Schedule a Time

You cannot rush out of the conference room and blurt out the bad news. You need to carefully prepare yourself before you deliver the information. So, schedule a time with the concerned team members. You must know what you should speak about and prepare for the reactions you will get.

Assemble Problem-Solvers

The next step after the bad news is resolution discovery. So, ask peers with solutions for the situation to join the meeting. You must have the bad news and the possible solutions handy.

Avoid Fake Positivity

No matter how much you try, no positivity can reduce the intensity of bad news. Let the people settle in, and then break the news truthfully and concisely. The longer you take to share the information, the more anxious your team members become.

Let the Message Sink In

Once you deliver the bad news, let them show their reactions. It is upsetting, and there will be questions. Answer them in a calm, composed manner. Provide them with solutions if they ask for them, or you can wait for the initial reactions to subside before speaking about solutions.

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